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Recent Survey Results - Insomnia Linked to Sleep Apnea

A study shows that chronic insomnia is the reason to have sleep breathing problems in 80% of population those all who are suffering from sleep disorder.

According to the survey in a hospital our team find it out that 80% of patient of diagnostic who met the sleep disorder of Insomnia and the symptoms of sleep breathing. First look at the difference between insomnia and sleep breathing, agree and disagree of both factors that our expert team find it out. There are three kinds of sleep apnea- obstructive, central, and complex apnea. And, type of disorder has its own symptoms and the treatment. On the other hand, similarity of insomnia is classified in three types Transient, Acute and Chronic insomnia. But the symptoms of chronic insomnia is the reason of sleep breathing at night when patient is sleeping. In local language to examine of the true of meaning of insomnia is poor sleep or lack of sleep and in medical language experts and Doctors called it, sleep deprivation. Some of the common causes of insomnia are improper sleeping position, stress, change in time zones, altered sleep schedule, etc. Some of the common symptoms include heavy eyelids, watery eyes, excessive yawning, adverse affects on the memory and the ability to concentrate, etc. Nightmares could be an underlying cause of such symptoms in children. And so, the meaning of sleep apnea is breathing problems due to sleep. Poor memory, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, headaches, frequent, naps, Irritability, excessive, sleepiness, mood disorders, hypertension, depression, frequent urination at night personality changes are some rare symptoms of sleep deprivation that all these signs take time catch it ,but the true factors of sleep apnea has three stages that many from us can't even catch because at that time first airways get blocked, second is when the respiratory system try to breathe but fails. Third is when oxygen level keep consuming breath, but unsuccessful breath and lack of oxygen person wake up suddenly. Even there are gaps between breathing like chocked and heavy snoring and that one of the most annoying sleep disorder because not even one, but many people affected from it. From the last two decades, breathing play an important role as advantages and disadvantages in sleep. With its hard to sleep and without it's hard to live. Even many researchers are now experimenting with many medicine only to find a magical medicine that can cure all the sleep disorder with one effective medicine. Zopiclone 7.5mg is designed not for insomnia, but for all the sleep disorder. Because for every disorder it is not possible to consume every medicine that has good name in market, the quality of the medicine matter first. http://www.zopionline.com/buy-zopiclone-online-uk-usa.html ###

Zopiclone online

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